Saturday, January 8, 2011

Unexpected Globe: 27/365

I know I mentioned I was going on a trip.  The following photo was not taken today but I wanted to provide one in case I am unable to due to our drive in the snow.  Like Noah says, there are no rules, just keep thinking creatively.  I may try to post another later this evening, but it may not be possible.

What I love is that this project has my even my friends and their kids thinking globes.  I went to a friend's house yesterday she brought me a coloring book where she said her son had found a globe.  The photo here was taken at the ever swanky Chuck E. Cheese.  We were there for a birthday party earlier in the week, and my friend, Jill, asked if I brought my camera.  I didn't but , she walked me over to this and let me snap one with her camera. Even in everyday life, you can think outside the globe. How will you see something differently today?

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  1. That's so cool that people are already thinking about snow globes for you! And I love this image.