Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sky Globe: 28/365

Today I thought about trying to see the something differently.  I looked to the clouds.  I think as children that's one of the first places we look to think creatively and see something else. We lay on our backs, weightless from adult worry, and peer into the sky finding animals, faces, vehicles and shapes.

The sun was shining just right, so I metered off the blue sky and then pointed towards the sun.  I used a circular polarizer for the the first time ever, and really should have cleaned and dusted it since I had to retouch some blue dots in iPhoto.  I also used my camera's blue filtering and cross sectioning filtering option (giving the rays of light appearance), I also used image overlay (with a snow globe and the sky raw images), since I couldn't find a snow globe shaped cloud. There are many ways I think this photo could be improved, but this is what I came up with.

For anyone interested in my exploration with my circular polarizer, I am about to blog an experiment on my photo blog here

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