Friday, January 7, 2011

Crystal Globe: 26/365

The glass' ability to capture and reflect images is what made me think that a year of snow globes could be a good idea.  I'm not bored yet, I hope you aren't either.  Here I played around with what I could see reflected in the globe.  Shown is text from a guided European museum tour schedule. I hope to add the schedule to my vision board, since I still haven't been overseas or actually made the vision board yet, BUT, I just voiced my intentions aloud, so that's a step!  I also used a reflective top from my hair taffy container.  I wanted to get my reflection in there, too, but it didn't happen, but I like the patterns it threw on the glass. The crystal ball says I'm going to make it to Europe.  It just doesn't know when.  

Tonight, I pack my globes and some new gear.  My globes are going on a trip! I wanted to thank you for your support on this project and for "following" me and "liking" my page on Facebook these past few days.  It gives me encouragement to keep going and means a lot to me personally, so thank you and may your life crafting be beautiful!


  1. Hi Amy,
    found you through making something #365. just wanted to say i was totally blindsided by your narrow choice of subject for a year [she picked SNOW globes?!], but your photos keep completely blowing me away. you're a great inspiration for my own daily creative fix; I added you to my google reader. please keep up the awesome! peace, grow

  2. That comment made my day! I love the title of your blog, GROW! Coming to check you out. Thank you:)