Monday, July 4, 2011

redrum: 204/365

I call what is supposed to be my dining room, the "red room."  My sister-in-law, visiting from Portland tonight, thought I called it "red rum," which reminds me of one of my favorite films, The Shining.  Anyway, this all may be TMI, but regardless, there is also a red lamp in this red room.  Tonight, I noticed the red and orange shadows it cast on the walls.  I've spent entirely too much time describing why I titled this such, so here it is.

Since my sil was having to hold the globe for me I asked if I could capture her face.  The way the light diffuses makes it hard to see where her face exactly begins.

The photo below, I like because the globe glass captures a different POV of her face, that isn't visible from the profile.

Are there any other big Stanley Kubrick fans out there?  If so, which film is your favorite?


  1. Another Kubrick fan here!

    I really like these pictures, Amy!

  2. I love these. Another Kubrick fan, but no particular fave is coming to mind.