Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Globe Tree: 205/365

Today we went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens with my niece and sister-in-law.  It was the first place my niece wanted to go.  She hadn't been there since the move out west last year and we spent the entire day rediscovering her favorite places.  

While Nana spoiled the grandkids in the gift shop, I came across this globe tree.  I got on my back and took the shot looking up.  I'm telling you, age is making me braver, or maybe it's just that I'm taking being creative more seriously.

I also enjoyed photographing my niece and her missing teeth.

wiping her watermelon face


  1. Gorgeous! I love picturing you and your brave self down on the floor in the name of creativity! You are so fun.

    As are those toothless smiles :)

  2. Great pictures!
    I love that you got down on the floor for the photo, but what did you sister-in-law and niece think of this?

  3. Thank you! Ange, I am the token weirdo of the family, so it didn't shock the much;)