Monday, July 25, 2011

Mannequin: 225/365

Bummer I cut the elbow off.  Even bigger bummer that Old Navy at Va Center Commons is going out of business.


  1. Who needs elbows! ;)

    Do you know if they are selling the mannequins!?

    How cool would it be to alter one of them into a snow globe! The belly could become a centerpiece for an altering display of possibilities- growing babies, burgers, goldfish...

  2. I like these pictures! Especially the first one.
    (elbows on mannequins are overrated. they don't even bend!)

  3. These are great, but what I love even more is imagining you in the store with your snow globe and camera. Sweet!

  4. I'm getting braver, Misha! Beth, that is a great question. Even if we could have one in the home to decorate etc;)

  5. What a great idea, Beth!!

    I love how brave you have become with your snow globes, Amy <3

  6. My mom used to work for a family-owned business back in the 70s that went out of business just a few years ago, and I wished SO badly that I was there to nab a mannequin when they were selling off items from the store. They still had all of their 70s mannequins! I can't believe an Old Navy is going out of business. I am heartbroken that Borders Books is closing their doors. And our Goodwill went out of business, too. I'm going to be traversing through a zombie town before too long.

  7. 15, 2011 at 8:33 AM


    My wife collects snowglobes & I love tiki culture. where did you get the fez monkey snowglobe?