Sunday, July 24, 2011

Drained: 224/365

The kids have been battling the Adenovirus the past few weeks.  Some kids we know have gotten over it in three days, but our pediatrician has been seeing some kids experience a second dose of it, even after the the symptoms have disappeared for a few days.  Lucky us:)  The good news is that both kids have endured both phases and seem to be on the mend as of yesterday.   

This is what my bedside table looks like when I'm burned-out.  I drained a glass of red wine as I put away baskets of laundry. I also watched some Lifetime Television and am brave enough to tell you.  Today is going to be better, so is this week.  I can feel it.  When my kids feel better, I feel better.  

Preciousness caught on film.


  1. Sick kids is always awful. It is so much better when a kiss from Mommy, and sometimes a band-aid cures everything.
    I'm glad to hear that everyone is recovering.

  2. Precious photo.

    Feel better soon dear!

  3. That is a whole lotta preciousness caught on film. I hope everyone is all better now.