Monday, April 4, 2011

Playmates for Ralph: 112/365

March was over before I knew it.  I wasn't able to collaborate with as many people as I wanted for March Madness, so I hope to at least pay homage to fellow 365ers and their subjects when something reminds me of them. 

 Today's post was inspired by my mom's glass-blown fish bowls.  I instantly thought of Wendy and her daily project featuring Ralph.  

Have you ever owned a fish? I've had goldfish when I was a kid and then we had a Beta fish for about nine months until it died.

Koi are pretty awesome fish to admire. 

Mom's favorite that she picked up at the Murano Glass  Factory in Venice.

Snow Globish Bubbles


  1. I'd love to visit that glass factory! Love the second pic.

  2. I think I could bring almost anything back from Venice and it would be my favorite too.

    These are really sweet, Amy. Vibrant colors and chock full of whimsy ~ fun runs in your family?


  3. Awww...just showed this to Ralph! Tee-hee. We both love it!