Sunday, March 20, 2011

Globe Trotting: 97/365

Today after arriving in Portland, we jumped on The MAX and headed to Waterfront Park's weekend market.  I forgot to bring a snow globe with me, but luckily when my son and niece put a few dollars in what seemed to be a mannequin's jar, he reached in his back pockets, pulled these out and began a juggling show.

There are lots of other pics I hope to get up soon, but I should get to bed;)  I will leave you with this statement that I love.


  1. What a cool picture. Did you ask him to pose that way, or did you catch him in just one of many poses?

  2. Contact Juggling! Yay!! I've been working on playing with one acrylic ball. It's much harder than the good performers make it seem. (check out michael moschen)

    Think we can get a space for "Keep RVA Weird" sign? We may not be Portland but we have some eccentrics too. Great Find!

    &Safe Travels!

  3. That is a cool pic of the painted juggler!
    I'm rather envious of your Portland trip...I need a vacay! :)

  4. I love those robot-statue-performance-artist guys! What a great coincidence that he had those globes. Great shot, the blue of his lenses really works well.

  5. My favorite part is the reflection in the top ball. Very cool shot.

  6. i totally missed the reflection, johannah~ thanks for calling my attention to it. very cool!

  7. Thanks! Amy, I didn't have to ask him to pose. There are some other shots of him in action but this one was my favorite. It was an overcast day, so the diffused light with his gray skin and blue glasses worked well;)

    Angie, I hope you get your vacation soon!

  8. LOVE this, Amy.

    Wow. Wow. Wow.

    I'll take one of those vacations too, please. :)