Monday, March 21, 2011

Seaside: 98/365

Looking for the globe? Think chowder bowl;)
(reflection taken from the mirror above our table)

Yesterday despite the rain, we headed to Seaside. We saw the  beautiful coast, checked out the Lewis and Clark statue commemorating the 18 month, 4,000 journey from Saint Louis to the Oregon Coast, found beach treasures, stopped by Cannon Beach, where we saw Haystack Rock which is seen in the opening scene of The Goonies and ate some chocolate dipped Twinkies.

Haystack Rock
Finding Treasures


  1. wow. hard to believe how big sydney is!

  2. I think I have a new favorite globe picture. I can't stop looking at it.

  3. Forgot to add, I coincidentally took an overhead reflection pic at a restaurant Sunday.

  4. You're making me want an adventure! LOVE the shot of Haystack Rock. The mirror pic is fun - what's up with the light fixture? Are those little fish tails, mermaid scales, maple seeds?

  5. The adventure has been fun! We took it easy today and took the kids as you will see from today's pictures. Jess, I'm not sure what the fixture is exactly, maybe leaves? But it was my interest in the light fixture that drew my eyes up:)