Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Uncaffeinated: 66/365

This is what my morning looked like.  I have taken a tea kettle pic before, but not with bed head, a lit burner, sleep deprivation, and a whining child in the background.  I would have loved to have experimented with this shot, playing with lights, focus, and more goofy faces, but a cling-on needed me.

Cheers, friends! I raise my cup of rocket fuel to you! With caffeine, anything is possible.  Please don't forget that. As a wise Indigo woman once told me, "It's only life after all. Yeah."


  1. I'm raising my coffee cup to you right now! (5th cup!) I had told a coworker earlier that it was "a Coffee Day" It looks like I was right. Wheeeee!

  2. Too Cool!! You should do an after shot of you, relaxed with your caffeine! ;)

  3. haha! yes... although I am not sure "relaxed" is the word I'd use. ;)

  4. ha ha ha....that is how I feel first thing in the morning!!! Great pic!

  5. Amy, you are so fun even pre-caffeine!

    I, on the other hand, am not even close to being a morning person. The irony being that I have to get up an hour prior to when I have to start getting ready for the day, just so that I can be a halfway human and peaceful mama.

    Not a morning person = get up an extra hour early?

    What kind of sense does that make? This life is one interesting ride. Fun sharings like these help the "interesting" to remain more balanced. Thanks!