Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crossroads: 67/365

  Today was a challenge on many levels, but I won't bore you with the details.  The important thing is we all survived and had our humor intact. My husband got back from his week of travel and I got to celebrate my friends' birthdays, laugh and have some margaritas.  I could have stopped indulging there, but on the way home I found myself parked at Staples Mill and Hungary Road for a waffle cone at Bruester's.  Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, if you're interested.

As I sat in my car alone eating an ice cream cone of colossal proportion, I zoned off into the traffic lights, the ones I drive through (and obey) almost daily on autopilot.  Maybe it was the tequila, but I thought once I finished my cone, I could walk over to the intersection, play some Frogger (just kidding, Mom), put this globe on the utility box and grab some bokeh.  I didn't care what onlookers thought, this project is serious, people!  


  1. Margaritas, ice cream, snow globes and bokeh? How could you go wrong?!

  2. AMy, I just love that you are doing it every day!

  3. Love the story behind taking this picture. Sometimes the day ends with just a moment of quiet and thoughtfulness.

  4. Now I want ice cream. Thanks. Thanks a lot. :D
    You are awesome!