Sunday, December 26, 2010

Insomnia 13/365

It's now the day after Christmas.  The 4pm afternoon nap around seemed like a good idea at the time.  After everyone was in bed around 11pm due to their late naps, I tossed and turned, thinking of picture ideas.  This project has started to consume not only me, but my family.  All in a good way.  My two year old daughter now carries around a tripod using my old point and shoot camera.  My son sees photo opps around the house and as we drive, encouraging me to pull over, or actually helping me set a scene up in our home.  My husband helped light the Elf this morning in the Christmas shot by side lighting it with his Droid phone flashlight.  This is commitment, folks.

I may have pushed the envelope a bit with the above mentioned family member, when I decided to go into the the bathroom at 1:20am with my clunky tripod, as I ran water in the sink, lit candles, searched for more candles, moved the tripod again to the other side of the room, and then set the beeping camera timer about six times in the hallway.  Sitting in the dark, trying to compose a picture and then seeing someone else looking/glaring at me in the mirror, scared me!  I said, "Okay, okay!  Last one, I promise!" Though I was surprised it didn't taken him longer to come in and tell me to knock it off.

So here is #13, Insomnia.  I would have liked to experiment more with the dripping water and flames, but I have plenty of time for that. Plus I needed to complete Sunday's project tonight since I may be tired tomorrow.


  1. worth the glare you received. this is gorgeous. i especially love the vast negative space above you and the sink.

  2. Thanks, Jess. I tried it from the other side, and also standing up at the mirror and it just didn't look right.