Friday, July 15, 2011

Suck it Super: 215/365

One of my favorite artists, is Salvador Dali, so I used inspiration from The Persistence of Memory and  my canvas print of El Castillo from our trip to Chichen Itza a few years ago.  I was in awe of the energy there, and took a rock home (bottom left corner). 

 Have you ever taken a rock, shell, or a keepsake to remind you of a place you find/found really special?


  1. I have a little jar full of 'stuff' from my Gramma's old cottage. A beach was on her land too. I have a jar with beach sand, tiny pinecones, pine needles, chips of wod from when the porch was rebuilt, a snail shell, a chip of wood from a tree that Hubby finished knocking down (a bear started the job and we didn't want it falling across the path or on the outhouse so he pushed it over so that it fell into the forest) etc, etc, etc...
    Does that count?
    Now we visit my parents' cottage and it isn't as special to me so I don't have a jar for that one. Isn't that awful?!

    This is a great photo!

  2. I've picked up a fossil before. :)