Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sacred Surf: 198/365

A friend suggested I change the SG365 slogan to, "I broke another globe."  I think she may be right, but this time it wasn't my fault.  I took Julia's advice and made my own "sacred creative space" complete with a desk, computer, The Artist's Way, my journal, and three snow globes.

Apparently, the way I displayed the globes was too irresistible for my five-year-old to crash them into each other.  Of course it couldn't have been the Christmas tree globe I have duplicates of.  The upside to all of these broken snow globes is that I have an interesting collection.  Some people may collect shot glasses, spoons, or even whole snow globes, but my collection doesn't just sit on a shelf.  It interacts with someone daily, and sometimes the risk is that it breaks.  I bet the snow globe even agrees that it's quality of life is improved by my project, even if it has to act as a prop for a crime scene or be part of weird, Barbie head, broken toy display.


  1. Yes. I bet the snow globe does agree that its quality of life is greatly improved by being part of your wonderful project.

    Yes. Absolutely, yes.

  2. I noticed a skull-like shape reflected in the glass behind the... surfboard? Circle of the life for the snowglobe. I like the idea of a living collection.