Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Creating this made me think of my friend, Maria's 365 project, where she makes a smile a day.  I will admit I made a grumpy face first, but I decided to turn the frown upside-down. 
What made you smile today?
Hearing my daughter's belly laugh did it for me:)


  1. Taking photos of the teachers and students dressed up for Hippie Day at school this morning.

    and imagining you smiling over your daughter's belly laugh ~:)

  2. :) That sounds entertaining, Misha!

  3. Seeing a hummingbird while I was out harvesting broccoli.

  4. You know how you automatically see faces in objects? Like a goofy face on the back of a car with the tail lights and bumper? My espresso machine has a frowny face. There's a round black switch between two red lights, and right below that is a black line arc for choosing steam or espresso. I much prefer to think about the things that make us smile. I smiled at my dog this morning, who wakes well before we do but pretends to sleep in the bed until one of us sits up, and then he's up in a flash and ready to go downstairs.

  5. Neat, Amy. I have been finding so many lately like this one: I love hearing about where you find yours:)