Thursday, May 5, 2011

Devastation: 143/365

My favorite globe broke.  The actual globe was bigger than any of my others, had amazing reflective qualities, and worse yet, it wasn't mine.  I was playing with the reflection of the mini pine cones and it rolled over a rock that made it literally "pop"!  I sat there in shock as the water poured out. It smelled like rubbing alcohol and trouble.  I broke the news to my friend, Traci, who didn't seem too mad, but I was both mad and sad.  Thanks, Traci for sacrificing your globe for my project.  I love you and this globe, and refuse to stop using it.  For anyone counting this is #6.


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  2. When I knew the snow globe had broken I felt more heart broken for Amy. This snow globe had a special place in Amy's project. I only hope a new snow globe will take its place. The one thing I know is no matter what snow globe Amy has, each picture will be perfect. Love ya Amy Marie!!!

  3. At least, if it had to break, it was broken while being enjoyed.
    I have to say that I am impressed that you still managed a lovely photo out of such a sad subject.