Monday, May 2, 2011

Daydream: 141/365

Not having access to my camera has been a challenge.  I'm going to bite the bullet tomorrow and buy and replacement charger.  For now, it's fun playing around with images in Photobucket (Photoshop is on my wishlist).  The original photo was taken at Maymont on a playdate with my friend, Heather, and the subject is her lovely daughter, Hayden.

Here is the original photo:


  1. I love this picture so much, Amy! You really caught Hayden's spirit <3

  2. This reminds me of the Sandman graphic novel character, Delirium. Hope I'm not repeating myself here, but I love how you're finding ways to move forward with the project despite being short on the "right" tools.

  3. I was sitting here admiring this and my daughter walked in and started ooohing and ahhhing. :)

    Beautiful, Amy.

  4. Thanks! I hope you all were able to find the snow globe:)