Sunday, March 13, 2011

Railroad: 91/365

  Today, I organized my first event with RPM to The Heron Rookery/Pipeline Bridge in downtown Richmond.  The best shots of the Blue Herons nesting were taken on a railroad track with rapids swirling below.  It was an adventure and was a nice way to enjoy the sunny day.


  1. Great pictures, Amy! I love the ones on your Flickr too!

    I wish I could have joined you, but we had too much cleaning to do around the house. Next time for sure!

  2. Gorgeous shots, Amy!

    What a wonderful way to spend a sunny day.

  3. Great shots! Good reminder to visit the herons, too. I keep meaning to check them out. What lens are you using?

    Love the snowglobe shots, they may be my favorites yet. Were you nervous on the train bridge?

  4. Thank you! Jess, I was shooting wit a 70-300mm. Heights don't bother me, but large gaps in the bridge do a little. It's definitely worth it since the view from the railroad tracks is much better than the pipeline.