Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lucky: 84/365

Tonight, Jill from Progeny 365 delivered this shiny, new globe with dinner for the family.  I'm lucky to have supportive friends that have kept us in their thoughts, delivered coffee, nebulizer supplies, food, activities for the kids and snow globes.  (I have another new one to unveil maybe tomorrow:) Thank you local friends and my 365 family everywhere.

I like how the chair and window appear in the globe.  I called my very tired husband downstairs to try and recreate what was captured. Between his overall exhaustion and the flash in his eyes, I didn't push it too hard.  He's a good sport, but the first shot is my favorite.


  1. <3 <3 <3

    you know, it's a music box too, and i never tried it to see what it plays... it has to be 'irish eyes a-smilin', right?

  2. I like the reflections, too. I hadn't even thought to look there. How many snow globes to you own? And have you ever made one?

  3. I Love this one! My family is soo big into St. Patrick's Day!

  4. You are blessed with loving friends. The luck of the Irish must be smiling upon you.

    So glad you are all back home.

  5. Thanks! Tara, I see a clover sun in your future!
    Amy, I have about 15 globes but many are on loan. I have ventured into making some. One with peanut butter.
    Misha, I am lucky to count you among my extended fam.

  6. I really love the second picture. It speaks volumes.