Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hospital Stay: 81/365

Both of my kids are staying in the hospital to get rid of a resistant bacteria that can't be killed without hospital grade antibiotics.  They are doing well for the most part, getting lots of fluids and Cephtriaxone via intravenous drip, and nebulizer treatments every four hours.  We hope to be home after two nights or so, but the natives are getting restless.


  1. I have been thinking about you and your little natives quite a bit.

    I'm amazed that you've posted!

    but am trying not to cry over that little hand wearing a hospital bracelet.

  2. Poor little babies. I hope you and them are doing okay and get home quickly. Call me if you need someone to chat with!

  3. Thinking about you guys. Much love to you and your natives. Love the reverse snow globe of the iv drip.

  4. Get well, kiddos. I hope you are all healthy and home soon.