Saturday, February 12, 2011

Toy Soldier Globe: 62/365

Inspired by Wendy's terrarium containers found at Ben Franklin, I made a snow globe using the only things that would fit through the small opening.  An army man that was pliable enough to be pushed through with a baby spoon, an artificial plant, some buttons for color, distilled water, glycerin, and a pinch of black and white glitter.

Yay for two months of SG365! Thanks for your support!


  1. Clever! I have heard that corn syrup works for homemade snowglobes too.

    BTW, I tried to join the 365 group on FB, but I never got a response to my request to join...did it go astray?

  2. Nice!!

    Yay on your 2 month mark! I very much enjoying this journey with you.

  3. Thanks! I'm enjoying the journey with all of you! Stace it's through FB. I just sent you a message there:)

  4. Wow. You made a wonderful snow globe AND took a fantastic mirror shot to boot!

    You go, girl :)

  5. Aren't these lightbulb containers adorable! :)

  6. took me way too long to realize the army guy was in there. love this effect.