Thursday, February 10, 2011

Excavating Globe: 60/365

My daughter isn't feeling well so she has been enjoying taking it easy.  My mom got out the Smithsonian Gem and Rock Dig Kit I found 50% off at Michael's.  She loved it and seeing her wearing the safety goggles were too much.  She found some cool gems and there is enough left of the block for days to come.


  1. Thanks for providing a link to that Rock Dig Kit. Sounds like a lot of fun for little explorers.

  2. love this one. those safety glasses with her "faci" are just too stinkin' cute.

  3. This is easily and by far my very favorite! I wrote an exuberant comment relaying my initial reaction, only to have my internet signal lost, and words too. It bears repeating, even if paraphrased the enthusiasm is the same:

    Just look at her lashes, those goggles!, the concentration and those little dig dusted digits! Amy, what a treasure you both found.

    Thank you for sharing this sweet moment.

    PS: the captcha word verification that just came up for me is the best ever, too: joying!

  4. and the pacifier! How could I forget to mention that?

  5. So, so, so sweet! This looks like a really fun project. I hope she is feeling better tomorrow.

    (Beautiful photography, Amy)

  6. This is adorable. I love the intense look of concentration behind her goggles and paci!