Monday, February 28, 2011

The Consult: 78/365

The walkway is made of tiny art by the very talented Shannon Gilbert.  She has started a cool project called Tiny Art, where she mails you her small masterpieces and asks that you interact with them somehow. I made this pic more of a dreamlike state, but her work is more visible below.

and here! 
Check out her site! Think about what you would like to do with these pieces.  I will tell you the army men initially began with me blindfolded with a small piece of the painting on my tongue, representing a certain acronym.  I was going to title the image, "Military Trials," but it was late, and the bathtub was cold.


  1. I just signed up for Tiny Art! What a cool project.

  2. Makes me think of when everyone goes before the wizard in Wizard of Oz

  3. Thanks! The Wizard of Oz was my inspiration, Wendy:)

  4. So cool! My fav movie of all time!

  5. Well, just before I glanced up and saw your reply to Wendy, I was going to say: "The great and powerful wizard has spoken!"

    This is delightful, Amy.