Monday, January 3, 2011

Light Globe! 23/365

I am really enjoying thinking of new project ideas for both of us. I know my subject focus is tight, and it can seem restrictive at times, but it guarantees that a person with a limited attention span like myself, can focus on a single subject without bouncing all over the place with various ideas that never come to fruition.

My attempt at drawing a snow globe. Kinda cool, but not it.
One thing I've always wanted to try is "light painting."  I had fun this evening trying to draw an invisible snow globe in the dark.  Correction: it was fun, but I was getting frustrated.  I was coming up with some cool things, but would I call them snow globes? No.  Solution: Bring in the guy who was barking orders on the other side of the camera.  He rocked it first try.  Of course he had an incredible director, "keep it in the frame, buddy!"

Here is what we came up with.  It was fun and I can see more complex "light painting" in the future, for now, we are calling it a wrap.
There's a snow globe levitating over my bed.

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  1. So fun to see you experimenting! Love the results!