Saturday, January 15, 2011

Galaxy Diner: 34/365


  1. Awesome, completely accidental, lunch <3

  2. Nice lunch! This turned out great!

  3. This is fun. Did they have the snow globe there, or did you bring it in?

    Have you ever seen those snow globes made so that you can insert your own photo? One of those might help you later in the game, if you run into a scarcity issue. I'm so impressed with your subject, quite a bit more difficult to come by than trees!

  4. Running into Heather and Kelly completely made my day! I so needed a friend at that moment and there you were! Fellow 365ers, too! Thanks for holding the globe, Heather and cheering us on Kelly.

    Misha, I brought the globe with me! My shoulder hurts a little from carrying it around Carytown with my camera. After this I went to the Fine Arts Museum alone and saw a huge tree photograph and thought of you. I love how we are thinking of each other throughout the day. Thanks for the snow globe idea. I'm going to need to write all this done when I get stuck!

  5. Your poor shoulder, but what wonderful serendipity that you ran into friends and enjoyed lunch together!

    That you saw a huge tree photo and thought of me is so sweet. Thinking of each other throughout the day is a benefit I never anticipated, a highly valued one.

    Before Myspace ruined their site, I blogged over there and met some amazing people. One of my dearest friends thinks of me when she sees butterflies and has even been known to talk to them as if they are me. She's a treasure, as is being associated with trees!

    I had a great time looking through your pics on FB. Beautiful babies you have there.

    Happy day, new friend.

  6. Great image with a back story to boot. I love its playfulness and color. It really depicts the Galaxy Diner perfectly. Mmmm ... now I'm hungry.