Sunday, January 30, 2011

Casualty Globe: 49/365

This was kind of a bummer.  I went on a lovely nature walk with some friends today, and was drawn to a beaver-gnawed tree.  I put the globe in the whittled wooden area, snapped a few shots, then it slid out of the nook, down the hill and into the lake.   It was too cold for wading in January, but I hope a fisherman or child finds this as a treasure, absolving my litter guilt.

This globe just wasn't meant to be.  It was delivered to me broken, and apparently is hoping to make it's way back on to the U.K where it came from.  I do like how trees are reflected in the back of the globe, and how it let me use it twice, creating an even more interesting picture.  Au Revoir, Beetle car globe, it was nice working with you, may you bring someone unexpected joy.


  1. Au revoir snow globe, may you have safe travels.

  2. Dam!

    I mean: damn! (sorry, couldn't resist the bad beaver pun)

    Also sorry for your loss and your litter guilt. Still, this broken globe has brought unexpected joy to me. So that's something, right?

  3. Happy trails, snow globe.

  4. Dam is right! At least Elizabeth let me know that Urban Outfitters sells globes so I'm going to look there today. Happy Monday, friends!