Friday, December 31, 2010

Fire and Ice 18/365

I lied.  I can't move on from double exposures yet.  They are just too much fun.  The good news is since I couldn't sleep again, I have gotten tomorrow's project out of the way and can study new techniques tomorrow.  I have two images that were fun to play with.

The above image is similar to the next but has an even more surreal quality to it.  Before downloading, I used Nikon's blue/purple filter to edit internally, which gives the candle a cool glow.  I've probably been watching too many Star Wars films, but I think if you look hard enough, I've grown some cinnamon bun hair rolls.

 I think this one below is my favorite since I have yet to use any sepia tones.  The image is grainy since I worked with an ISO of 1600.  The globes are in each shot.  Can you find them?

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