Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dorothy's Discovery 15/365

I'm tired of looking at my Christmas tree.  Once Christmas is over, I want nothing to do with lights, wreaths or any cutesy holiday crap. I understand that this could make my yearlong snow globe project challenging, but as long as I'm not working with Christmas tree globes all year, I should be good. As I gathered all the decor together for attic packing, I discovered an ornament I had forgotten about.  It's Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, one of my favorite films, and better yet, she's holding a snow globe.

I thought today's post might tie in nicely with the Darkside post from yesterday, since everyone knows Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon can accompany the Wizard of Oz film after the MGM lion howls his third roar.  Or maybe that's just evidence that me and my high school friends seriously needed a hobby. Regardless, tonight's post boasts a new globe.  Poor Toto.

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