Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Booty: 240/365

I had the pleasure of watching The Goonies with my son the other day.  There were a few things I took away from watching the film twenty-five years later. 

  • 1. It would have never gotten a PG rating in this day and age.  
  • 2. Martha Plimpton is a pimp. I need more of her.
  • 3. That was one hell of a water slide. I think Water Country USA is in our future.
  • 4. The kid and his dad with all of the semi-functional inventions, ruled.
  • 5. If I left a legacy booty like One-Eyed Willy, you'd get the "Fuck You" globe to go with it, but no booby traps.
  • 6.  Lastly, seeing Haystack Rock on film was FUN, since I photographed it earlier this year when I went to see my brother in Oregon.  
Sharing this exciting, somewhat inappropriate movie with my adventurous, imaginative son was like reliving my childhood, while also remembering the importance of dreaming big and taking risks for joyous spontaneity.