Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Closer: 92/365

"I feel like we are really starting to break down some walls in our relationship."

I'm sad to report that the fourth snow globe so far has broken.  The lovely blue globe above was gifted to me from Heather during our stay at the hospital.  I was careful to pack it in the suitcase carefully, but as I had a "helper" unload, the breaking accidently occurred.  

I made the mistake of throwing away my first broken snow globe, but for now I keep them all wrapped in plastic bags with their shards of glass since that is part of the fragile beauty.  As a tribute and apology for Heather, I added the lovely hair clip she made me.

This photo reminds me of this Pixar clip I discovered a few years ago with my kids, called "Knick Knack."  It also proves that plastic globes are more durable but it's the glass that I'm in love with.


  1. No apology needed, mama! I know how things go with kids <3

    This is a beautiful picture!

  2. Such a poignant shot, and a pretty ex-globe!

    Plastic really isn't the same, is it? Different weight, feel on your fingers, translucency.

  3. Oh, no! I'm so sorry about all of your broken globes, but they do make for great photo subjects! :D

  4. Makes for a great story, and the flower is perfect.

  5. Thanks. It's hard to tell but I had sprinkled glitter (looks like salt) and water.

  6. Gorgeous shot, Amy.

    The broken globes make for such interesting subjects, in story and visually. The only thing I'm really bemoaning on your behalf is all that glass clean up.