Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baldy Picnics: 93/365

3 Months of Globes!

I'm ready for spring so is Baldy.  He decided that going for a picnic in Misha's, Forgotten Garden, was a good way to kick the winter blues.  

To collaborate with Misha from Trees Please and her lovely March Mix-it-up Madness image, I uploaded it to Flickr, used the editing application, Picnik, added a daisy border (then deleted the image from Flickr since I don't have the rights to it as a courtesy;) and then set the stage in front of my computer screen.  Here is a behind the scene look:

Thanks for letting me play with the image, Misha! 
Bring on the trees, flowers, and spring weather, please!


  1. YES! Please bring on the Spring.

    I would love to picnic with Baldy and you. What fun that would be.

    Thanks for playing, Amy. Love the result.


  2. I'm really enjoying all the collaborations. This one is so sweet, Amy.