Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Peanut Butter Cracker Globe 38/365

I got to draw on an almond today.  What's the most unusual thing you've ever drawn on?


  1. SO CUTE! Is it edible ink or sharpie? Love the dish, too.

    Most unusual thing I've drawn on? Maybe a walnut shell. Not sure.

    How was the breakfast talk?

  2. I love how cute and random this one is! Hmm I've drawn on a lot of weird things, hard to pick just one!

  3. A banana stand! That's one creative mind you have there. Love the whimsy.

    The weirdest thing I've ever drawn on? Good question. I have no idea, though, I did once write treasure hunt clues and attach them to my siblings' big toes while they were sleeping.

  4. Thanks everyone. Bella enjoyed eating it, though I had to throw out the Sharpie drawn almond. Now she expects sprinkles on all her peanut butter servings.

    Noah, I really enjoyed the breakfast at C3 and your presentation. At your suggestion, I'm trying to ask more questions to engage my audience, so thanks for speaking up, friends! Walnut shells and sibling's toes are all very interesting mediums!

  5. Thanks for coming out Amy! Sorry we didn't get to chat there.